Dimitris Roussetos

Inspired by the legacy of the Hellenic aesthetic and his love for nature, Roussetos Dimitris sculptural creations symbolize the coexistence of water and earth in an endless realm. His sculptural creations are inspired by nature, made using ethically sourced precious gems, wood, and materials from the earth.

Sculptor, Dimitris Roussetos is based in Athens, Greece and his origins are from Andros island, Cyclades. Dimitris' art gallery, Kohyli, is in the heart of Chora, just steps away from the magical world where he is drawn to dream, create and explore. 

Roussetos' pieces are all handmade and known for their timeless expression, with each design reflecting his intricate and delicate details with an emphasis on the marine and natural world. His connection to nature adds layers of light, personal meaning, and value to his jewelry and sculptures.